Container Storage

Container StorageMillers Moves were the forerunners in offering a cost effective, time efficient and safer means of ┬átransporting and storing your household possessions, by offering container cartage and storage. If you’re not going to need access to your goods whilst in storage, then our container storage is the ideal solution.

Your goods are collected and packed securely into the container and the container is secured and sealed. Your goods are then transported in the container to our nearest storage depot pertaining to your location and stored in a secured area, When you are ready to take possession, the container is then loaded on our truck and your goods are off loaded directly from the container into your new home,

Our containers are air tight, vermin and dust free and your goods are not touched or handled until delivery. The perfect solution for your storage needs.

Call or email one of our staff to further discuss your needs. Millers Moves can provide a cost effective and secure solution for your storage needs.