Pet Transportation


Pet TransportationMoving house can not only be a stressful experience for you and your family, your four legged friends can be effected also.

While the goldfish aren’t going to mind the upheaval in the slightest, your cat and dog might need an extra little bit of attention.

For dogs and cats, the packing and disturbance of a house removal can be quite stressful. The subsequent move to a place with new sights, sounds and especially smells can be quite traumatic, especially for those animals who live a charmed life!  So it’s therefore important when moving,  to make them feel as secure, calm and comfortable as you can, otherwise your move may turn into a nightmare.

Millers Moves can organise the safe transportation of your pets, including those goldfish!

Call or email one of our staff for all your pet transportation needs.

Print out our Tips for a Pet Smooth Move to ensure the special members of your family are well taken care of.



  • Start packing well before the actual day of the move in order to get your animals used to the activity and removal of items.
  • Do not pack any of their favourite toys or bedding. These are items with smells that are familiar and of comfort and should be left with the animal all through the move if possible.
  • Don’t change any regular routine such as feed times or location of feed. Continue to walk dogs as usual.
  • If you’re not moving far, then a visit to the area with your dog to familiarise them with sights, sounds and smells in the area is  ideal.
  • Ensure your animals are wearing their tags in case the unthinkable happens and they stray on moving day.
  • Organise suitable transportation for your pets – Millers Moves specialise in pet transportation


  • It’s advisable to leave your pet with a neighbour or family friend,  someone the animal is comfortable with
  • If this is not possible then empty a room such as bathroom or laundry and well before the movers come, place their bedding, toys, food and water bowls in there with them.
  • Place a do not enter sign on door so neither the removalists nor your animals are taken by surprise
  • Tend to them during the move to assure them all is ok